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Furniture & Door paint stripping services Retford by Vintique of Retford

The re-purposing and up-cycling of household items through furniture paint / door stripping has become a mainstream activity, with more and more people turning their backs on the throwaway culture of the past. Up-cycling by paint stripping existing furniture not only saves these items from the scrapheap but also gives them a new lease of life, with transformations allowing furniture / doors to be used for many years to come. We offer full furniture and door striping services, please call for more details, enquiries and costs.

Giving Furniture & Doors a new lease of life

There is a vast array of no fuss paints on the market allowing you to go ahead and re-paint a piece furniture or door without any stripping or sanding involved, but what if you want to add a new stain or go back to a beautiful and natural look? As wood surfaces in your home age, their finishes can begin to flake or fade away.

Whether the wood is covered with stain, varnish or paint, stripping the old finish off to add new stain or paint can give your wood’s beauty a new lease on life.

The Process

Restoring wooden furniture and doors by first stripping them down to the bare wood they were originally.

Stripping doors / furniture can seem a daunting task in the up-cycling process, so we have recently upgraded our service to a custom built heated stripping tank which can accommodate several doors and furniture items at once.

We use caustic solution to strip paint from many kinds of wood and metal.

After Treatments

After treatment / initial door stripping, we thoroughly rinse then neutralise the wood with acetic acid.

You can then choose to complete the restoration yourself or we can return your door/furniture to its former glory for you. Choose from sanding, waxing and painting. We offer same day return service for external doors. Other items you may wish to have stripped are window shutters/sashes, skirting boards, architraves, banister rails, risers, steps, spindles, chairs, tables, chest of drawers, metal cast radiators and cast fireplaces.

Pricing & Enquiries

There are individual prices per item, however discounts may apply when stripping several door / furniture items at once or as a bulk order. Usually items are completed and returned within 7 working days.

For individual / bulk item prices, please make a door stripping enquiry by telephone Vintique of Retford on 07516 594 746 or 07907 740 327.

Alternatively please contact us via our Enquiries Page and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your individual requirements

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